The best thing in New York: Public Library

People say New York is the capital of the world. We can find anything in New York: people and foods from all over the world, skyscrapers and various famous landmarks, world-renowned companies and organizations, some of the best universities in the world, the most complete and sophisticated museums, diverse art galleries and music clubs, etc. But, for me, the best thing I found in New York is its library system!

Since I was a child, I found that bookstore is my favorite shopping place, instead of the shopping malls or clothing stores. When I was in elementary school, every week or two, my father used to bring me and my sister to the “shopping” (which is a place to buy new or used books/magazines in my city; just realized that this is such a ridiculous name for a place :p). Books in “shopping” were a lot cheaper compared to an ordinary bookstore. It was a pleasure for me!

Luckily, now I happen to live nearby a public library, Queens Library in Elmhurst, which I found very cool! The library has a variety of books, even some Indonesian novels (well, there’re a lot of Indonesian people in my neighborhood). Here are some cool features I often use in this library.

  • Renting books

Well, of course I rent books from this library. The library here provides a self-service book renting and returning system for its member, which is very convenient. The book returning machines open 24/7; so, there’s no excuse to return the books late.




  • The library’s website to request book

Another feature I used often is the library’s website ( to request books I want to read. We can check the availability status of a book, then request  to pick the book up once it’s available. We can also request books that are available in other libraries inside Queens Library system, and pick them up in our prefered library. How convenient!

  • Work/computer station

I also often use the computer station in my library, which allows me to print up to 20 pages/day (well, that’s a quite enough number for my current profession as a housewife slash self-learner 🙂 ). There should be a scanner as well, but my library’s has never work. The work/reading room in my library is also comfortable with a lot of tables and chairs.



Actually, there are a lot more features I could explore in this library. They offer a lot of classes or clubs (knitting, english *but not intensive*, computer, chess, taichi). We could also rent DVDs (but, I don’t have any DVD player). The libraries here are also such a heaven for parents with toddler, as there are a lot of activities for kids in the library. Overall, I found that library here is like a community center where every people can join various activities based on their interest 🙂


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