Back to my (not-so) old love: books





Every time I have a chance to write down my hobbies, reading is always at the top of the list. I used to be an avid reader. Bookstore and library are my favorite places in the world. Have you ever felt a calming feeling steps in your heart whenever you see rows of bookshelves or piles of books? That happens to me.

But, I almost forgot my love to books in the past 3-4 years. I used my ‘busy’ life as an excuse to run away from real books. Honestly, I felt it was difficult and focus to read an entire book. I got bored after some pages of reading. This was so strange as when I was a child until teenage, I used to read hundred of pages a night (for some books!).

But, from the beginning of this year until June, finally I made a quiet great achievement for myself: found my way back to reading books. Hurray!

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 18.01.47

I found my love back to books. Honestly, I push myself to enjoy reading book again. There’re 2 reasons that drive me to read: a cool library near my house and my effort to stay away from screens. Early on this year, I did a small literature research about how screens, internet, and technology affect our brain. The result blew my mind (I might write about that in this blog later). Further, I read “Deep Work” by Cal Newport, who campaigns the importance of build a healthy relationship between technology and ourselves. Hence, I need to find a way to stay away from screens, and book is still the best option for me (I tried several handcrafts, turns out it did not work well 😦 ).

As I am such a forgetful person, I also try to review and write some key points of the books I read here. So, welcome back my love 🙂



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