Museum ethnography Geneva (Museum D’ethnographie De Genève)

Entrance fee: FREE (permanent exhibition), CHF 9,- (special exhibition)

From the outside, I love the look of this museum! Even though the museum name has an ‘old’ and ‘ancient’ sound to me (the ‘ethnography’), the facade of this museum is so modern and sophisticated! That’s why I thought it was worth to visit. And, yes it is!

This museum houses myriads artifacts from all over the world; the oldest one is a pottery from 3,000BC (it’s 5 millenniums years old!). The artifacts are categorized by region: Asia, pre-Columbian America, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. There is also a collection of traditional music instruments (ethnomusicology), which includes ‘sasando’ and ‘bataknese flute’ from Indonesia. I really enjoy this museum, every artifact has its own story and is described clearly in the show. But, my favorite is the ethnomusicology. We could listen to some recording of those traditional musical instruments, and I felt like I wanted to dance while listening to those pieces of music! I’ve just realized that sasando and bataknese flute are so beautiful!

I also got a chance to visit a special exhibition themed ‘Religion in Africa’. It was interesting to learn how the Semitic religions (Judaism, Christian, Islam) develop in Africa; as well as interact with the ancient religion from Africa.

Overall, this is a nice museum to spend some time in Geneva. Prepare time around 1.5-2 hours if you really want to fully explore this museum.


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