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Einstein’s House [Einsteinhaus]

Entrance fee: CHF 6,- (cash only)

Address: Kramgasse 49, 3011 Bern

While strolling in Bern, I did not miss the opportunity to visit the house of one of world’s legend: Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein started his ‘professional’ academic life in Bern. In a house located in the Bern’s old town, the renowned “Relativity Theory” was born. S

The house itself is not really big. It is a 3-rooms apartment in Swiss standard, located on the 2nd floor of Kramgasse No. 49. Inside, there are pieces of furniture that used by Einstein and his family while living in the house. There are also some pieces of journals, papers, and research equipment owned by Einstein. Several texts and pictures depict Einstein’s biography.

Overall, this is a really nice place to visit while in Bern, that could be enjoyed by sparing time ~30 minutes. The location is also central and easily accessed from Bern main station.




Life in Swiss

Beautiful Bern

Yesterday, I had a chance to stroll around Bern for a while. In this autumn, Bern is really breathtaking! Here are some of my snapshots on Bern’s autumn. Anyway, my favorite place is Rose Garden, which offers a pretty view of Bern old town and surroundings.


Bern parliamentary building faces Aare river


autumn alley
old town Bern from Rose Garden
view from Rose Garden
another view from Rose Garden
Einstein is waiting to take a selfie with you!
Bern University