In the footsteps of the Prophet [Book review]

All muslim might know and memorize the main events in the life story of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): who are his parents; that he faces difficulty even before he was born (with the death of his father) and later lose his beloved family for many times; that he was a trustworthy and noble man in Mecca; … Continue reading In the footsteps of the Prophet [Book review]


Digital Minimalism [Book Review]

After being influenced by the 'Deep Work' ethos, I was excited knowing Cal Newport would soon release another book highlighting the complicated relationship of productivity and technology. Didn't think twice, I pre-ordered this 'Digital Minimalism' and it arrived early this February. The main theses of this book are: (1) how to 'cut' your dependence on … Continue reading Digital Minimalism [Book Review]

Keep​ing up with the reading list

I've just started my PhD journey this February. As other new students might feel, I'm excited yet nervous at the same time: will I survive? is this the best lab for me? what would I be after this journey? I'm also nervous as it's almost 2 years since I left formal school. But, here I … Continue reading Keep​ing up with the reading list

Modifikasi post-translasional dan sekresi protein Wnt

Protein Wnt memiliki proses modifikasi post-translasional yang cukup rumit dan memerlukan berbagai protein spesifik, sebelum akhirnya disekresikan dari suatu sel. Oleh karena itu, protein Wnt dengan kemurnian dan aktivitas biologis yang tinggi masih sulit untuk diproduksi hingga saat ini. Berikut adalah alur modifikasi post-translasional dan sekresi protein Wnt dari suatu sel. Terjadi transkripsi gen Wnt … Continue reading Modifikasi post-translasional dan sekresi protein Wnt

Jenis-jenis chemical libraries

1.Library dengan target biologis tertentu Contoh: target kinase, GPCR, central nerve system/CNS (senyawa didesain untuk dapat menembus sawar darah otak/blood brain barrier) 2. Koleksi senyawa obat yang telah diketahui aktivitas farmakologinya Senyawa-senyawa tersebut kemudian dieksplorasi kembali untuk menemukan aktivitas farmakologi lain. Contoh: obat anti-fungal ternyata memiliki aktivitas sebagai obat anti-kanker. Library yang sering digunakan: Sigma-Aldrich LOPAC, … Continue reading Jenis-jenis chemical libraries