Deep Work [Book Review]

I should say that this book is my gem in 2018. I read this book in early 2018, tried to practice some of the rules, and re-read again this one. So, I really think I should try to summarize this book for myself. Before 2018, I found myself so difficult to focus on a task … Continue reading Deep Work [Book Review]


Konmari and my husband (and a bit of book review)

"Japan has the highest level of civilization on our planet!" That was my friend's joke on how clean every part of Japan: street, river, (most of) public bathrooms, public transportations, train and bus stations, schools, you name it! Several days ago, Japanese went viral again with their immaculacy. Japan football's supporter collected their own trash … Continue reading Konmari and my husband (and a bit of book review)

Atul Gawande and his lessons

I've just listened to a nice podcast from freakonomics radio, featuring Atul Gawande. He discusses the complexity of healthcare system and how he attempts to tackle various problems in healthcare and medical practice using as simple as possible strategy. Interested in his talk, I'm searching who is this Atul Gawande. Turns out, he is a … Continue reading Atul Gawande and his lessons