Atul Gawande and his lessons

I've just listened to a nice podcast from freakonomics radio, featuring Atul Gawande. He discusses the complexity of healthcare system and how he attempts to tackle various problems in healthcare and medical practice using as simple as possible strategy. Interested in his talk, I'm searching who is this Atul Gawande. Turns out, he is a … Continue reading Atul Gawande and his lessons


Story from Herceptin

Herceptin, as known as trastuzumab, is such a famous drug among cancer therapy field. Claimed as one pioneer of cancer targeted therapy, many researches are subjected to compete the succeed of Herceptin. Tonight I just found this video, about story of Herceptin, as described by Prof. Susan Desmond-Hellmann. Just realize that I know nothing about … Continue reading Story from Herceptin