Menggunakan ‘chemical library’ dalam pengembangan obat dengan high throughput screening (HTS)

Chemical library: koleksi berbagai senyawa yang utamanya digunakan dalam high throughput screeningatau industri manufaktur. High throughput screening: eksperimen saintifik menggunakan berbagai uji yang secara cepat dapat mengidentifikasi senyawa, antibodi, atau gen yang memodulasi suatu jalur sinyal transduksi. Hal-hal yang perlu dipertimbangkan dalam memilih komposisi library: biayamanajemen senyawa kimiatingkat kesulitan skriningtujuan penggunaan assay Beberapa karakteristik yang penting dimiliki suatu library: … Continue reading Menggunakan ‘chemical library’ dalam pengembangan obat dengan high throughput screening (HTS)


Deep Work [Book Review]

I should say that this book is my gem in 2018. I read this book in early 2018, tried to practice some of the rules, and re-read again this one. So, I really think I should try to summarize this book for myself. Before 2018, I found myself so difficult to focus on a task … Continue reading Deep Work [Book Review]

FIFA Museum, Zurich

Address: Seestrasse 27, 8002 Zürich Entrance Fee: CHF 24,- My husband plays football, while I was a fan of Germany football team ('was' lol, not really watching football nowadays). Hence, we did not miss the chance to visit the FIFA museum during our recent trip in Zurich. Despite a quite high entrance fee, this museum is … Continue reading FIFA Museum, Zurich

Factfulness [Book Review]

"This world is getting worse and worse. We should live like we were in the past. Where we live side by side with nature. When everything is so peaceful without nuclear power, terrorist threats, or climate change," that's how a lot of people thinking about the world nowadays. Even me, I love to imagine 'the … Continue reading Factfulness [Book Review]