Factfulness [Book Review]

"This world is getting worse and worse. We should live like we were in the past. Where we live side by side with nature. When everything is so peaceful without nuclear power, terrorist threats, or climate change," that's how a lot of people thinking about the world nowadays. Even me, I love to imagine 'the … Continue reading Factfulness [Book Review]


Jalur transduksi sinyal Wnt dalam kanker

Apakah jalur transduksi sinyal Wnt? Jalur transduksi sinyal Wnt adalah jalur molekuler yang berperan penting dalam pembentukan organ (organogenesis) saat perkembangan embryo. Jalur ini mengatur berbagai aspek dalam sel, antara lain penentuan jenis sel, pembelahan sel, migrasi sel, polaritas sel, pembentukan pola neuron, dan proses seluler lainnya. Wnt adalah suatu glikoprotein, yang jika teraktivasi, akan berikatan dengan … Continue reading Jalur transduksi sinyal Wnt dalam kanker

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind [Book Review]

This book has sat on my bookshelf for about 2 years. Bought when I was in Japan, I blame my 'research busyness' not to finish this book. Two years later, I regret that I didn't finish this earlier. This book is GREAT! Harari tells us how us, Homo sapiens, end up being the 'king' of the world. … Continue reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind [Book Review]

Letters to a Young Muslim [Book Review]

This is an interesting book written by the former ambassador of UEA to Russia, Omar Saif Ghobash, as collection of letters to his son. Ghobash himself owns a strong background story to invite his son (and other young muslims) to reflect how we should practice Islamic value in this modern world. Ghobash's father was shooted … Continue reading Letters to a Young Muslim [Book Review]

Konmari and my husband (and a bit of book review)

"Japan has the highest level of civilization on our planet!" That was my friend's joke on how clean every part of Japan: street, river, (most of) public bathrooms, public transportations, train and bus stations, schools, you name it! Several days ago, Japanese went viral again with their immaculacy. Japan football's supporter collected their own trash … Continue reading Konmari and my husband (and a bit of book review)